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China Shanghai Company registration

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Shanghai Company Registration Service
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ATAHK GROUP LIMITED(ATA) is a China based International Business Consulting Firm, helping foreign investors establishing their business presences in China. ATA provides the full spectrum of international business consulting services for clients interested in starting their business in China and assist companies interested in China market to establishing and structuring their entities in China.


ATA provides business registration, accounting and tax, auditing, marketing services and China VISA support to foreign enterprises aiming to succeed in the Chinese marketplace.


China's investment environment
China is a huge market, the Chinese market is expanding many important business person's choice. Before making the right decision, the local industry and commerce, taxation, law, management and operation of a wide range of understanding and research is particularly important. While China's current company law, taxation system relatively complex and constantly reform, which many of the provisions could easily be overlooked by investors and cause unnecessary trouble.

The business extension services for investors is that the goal of a win-win situation for the purpose of the business service organizations. As a local professional service, we are aware that the local culture and laws and regulations, customers can save valuable real effort, time and money. Along with China in the global economy forces in the increasingly powerful, businesses need to consider doing business in China in the future. Generally, the purpose of the establishment of the China subsidiary of no more than the following:

Intent to develop long-term business in China businesses considering setting up subsidiaries in its territory. Although foreign companies and Chinese enterprises made if certain sales contracts, licensing agreements and distribution agreements and commercial contracts, but no approved business license, they are not directly in Chinese business. Through subsidiaries to operate at least sometimes necessary to overcome some of the laws against foreign companies or commercial restrictions.

The use of local prices and the huge cost advantage of the consumer market, the employment of local staff, research and development, manufacturing and marketing in China of their products or services.
The mode of operation of commercial enterprises, reasonable arrangements for the global interactive support branches. Investors in the company before considering new investment of factors, including the investment environment and legal factors; Enterprises operational arrangements, taxation; Staff employed by the local cultural aspects, investors are interest rate concerns. Therefore, we ask the customer to provide free pre-established companies or related to the initial consultation comprehensive advice (fees).

China Company Type
For foreign enterprises there are three main types of companies in China. Each type has its advantages as well as crucial disadvantages. Before investing in China, each company has to be sure what it wants to reach and how long it wants to stay in the Chinese market.

1.Representative office (RO)
The formation of a representative office is for many companies the first step to China. In most of the cases these companies already have a customer base in China and want to support them or get accustomed to the new environment. The representatives are founded out of marketing and promotion reasons in most of the times. A sponsor is necessary for the formation of a representative office in China. This has to be a Chinese company. Mostly the company is founded in cooperation with existing customers or business partners. The problem concerning a representative office is that they are not allowed of signing business deals or contracts. They are not allowed to be involved in any business operations as well as selling products in China. For such activities they need a Chinese company or trade office. The initiation and searching of new business contacts, consultation and perhaps the creation of market studies are their main tasks. Another problem is the hiring of Chinese staff. The employees just can be hired through assigned agencies. These agencies recommend the company the employees. The agencies will take care about the payroll accounting and the fringe costs. The formation of a representative office goes easy and fast.
2.Joint Venture (JV)
In earlier year the Joint Venture was the most common business type for foreign enterprises in China. In some sectors it was and still is necessary for the formation of such a company as a car producer or the aircraft industry. A crucial point for the formation of the JV is to gain market shares, customers and knowledge about the Chinese market through the JV-partner.
3.Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise(WFOE)
Nowadays it is the most common type for founding an enterprise as foreign investor. Compared to a JV the advantage is that the foreign company is able to follow their own aims more clearly and does not have to take care about their Chinese JV partner. The shares are in the hands of foreign investors and the company is founded as a subsidiary in most the times.


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