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Shanghai shelf company purchase

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Shanghai shelf company purchase

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Purchasing a ready made company is an alternative way registering a company in Shanghai, which is also a very quick process to enjoy benefits from an aged ready company.
All our ready made companies are already incorporated with neutral names, they have never been  traded and are available for immediate transfer.


A shelf company is a company that has been formed but never been used.   Each company listed was originally filed by, is in good standing, has no current business activity, no assets, no liabilities and no stock has been issued.


Why Buy a Shelf Corporation or LLC?

Instant History - Establish months or years of history instantly.
Better Credit - A company with history has an easier time obtaining financing, credit cards & leases.
Better Image - A shelf company looks better with age.
Contract Bidding - Some vendors require that your company have a minimum time of existence.
Save Time - A shelf corporation is ready to begin business immediately.  Any potential delays in startup are avoided.


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