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Guangzhou Free Trade Zone

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Guangzhou Free Trade Zone

Many businesses are making the insightful decision to expand their company to the Guangzhou FTZ (Free Trade Zone), which can serve as a powerful investment vehicle for mainland China businesses. This specific free trade zone is designed for the erection of wholesale and retail establishments.
With the help of New Horizons Global Partners, you can register your business in the Guangzhou Free Trade Zone in as few as 30 working days. This zone allows for 100% wholly owned foreign enterprises, which are completely owned, capitalized and operated by foreign investors.


Recent Advances in the Guangzhou Free Trade Zone

During recent years, Guangzhou has realized some significant advances. The pilot free trade zone’s imports and exports reached a significant 195.1 billion yuan in 2017 (approximately 31.1 billion USD). This was after realizing average increases of 14.5% each year since 2014 when the zone was first launched.
This significant jump may be due to the fast VAT rebate that the Chinese government gives to businesses that export goods. The Guangzhou Free Trade Zone is one of the best investment zones in China for the export and import of goods. It also benefits from a unique custom supervision system. This system allows you to only pay tax when products enter China. 

Another recent development is the more than double increase of international shipping routes. This number of ports to and from Nansha went from 41 to 89 within the last three years. This port is the second largest port in China for vehicles traded through the parallel-import plan. Additionally, the number of shipping logistic companies has increased by 12 times since 2014 to now 4,802 as of 2018.
The cross-border e-commerce industry has also seen significant growth in the last three years, jumping from 30 million yuan to 7.2 billion yuan. The significant advances have encouraged major companies to establish businesses in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, including Tesla.


Setting Up a Business in the Guangzhou Free Trade Zone Is Easy

The lowered restrictions and proactive incentives for foreign investment make expanding to Guangzhou easier than ever. You can expand your business in the Guangzhou Free Trade Zone with:

1.100% foreign owned investment
2.No need to invest in real property
3.No need to register capital
4.A virtual address
5.Setup in a matter of days
An expansion to this fully bonded area can make a significant difference to your business. Contact the experts at New Horizons Global Partners today to learn how we can help.


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