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Guangzhou Company Registration

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Guangzhou Company Registration Service
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Guangzhou company registration is one of Tannet's basic business incorporation services. If you want to invest in Guangzhou China, you don’t have to turn to the relevant government departments for so many certificates and formalities, but just turn to TANNET. At TANNET we not only give you tailor-made service for your need, but also for your satisfaction. TANNET’s services are business-orientated and value-orientated. TANNET—serving the world of BPO, ITO and KPO businesses trustfully and professionally.

Overview of Guangzhou 
Guangzhou is the capital city of Guangdong Province, the political , economic and cultural center of south China as well as the wholesale market worldwide. It is located in the north of the Pearl River Delta, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao. Guangzhou has an area of 7,434.4 Square Kilometers and with a population of more than 10 million. Recent years, Guangzhou has paid highly attention on the basic infrastructure and ecological environment construction. It is a good option to set up your headquarters in Guangzhou to expand business all over China with her geographic advantage, as well as the global market. Below are the processes for WFOE registration.

Guangzhou Company Registration Requirement
1. Guangzhou company name: In Guangzhou China, only Chinese company names are officially used, while English company names are for reference only. Not every name will be accepted by the Industry & Commercial Administration Bureau ( ICAB). Your company name must be distinguished from the other registered names. If the word “China” is within the company name, it is required to be pre-approved by ICAB at national level in Beijing.
2. Guangzhou company members: Shareholders, directors, monitors and legal representative should be considered and arranged before the business setup. The positions of Legal Representative, Executive Director, General manager and Supervisor can be taken by either Chinese or foreigners. The Legal Representative should be acted by Executive Director or General manager.
3.Guangzhou company registered capital: In China, the registered capital is different from varied situations and sectors. Since 2014, the requirement about the minimum capital is cancelled. Investors can decide the amount of registered capital by themselves. And the capital could be paid up within 30 years from the date of issue of Business License.
4. Guangzhou company business scope: One of the most important issues is to define the business activities of the company. Business scope is narrowly defined based on many factors, such as trade names, registered capital and business scope. A Guangzhou company can only conduct business within its approved business scope on the business license. Amending the business scope will need further application and approval. For some sectors such as education, logistics, medicine and food industries, pre-approval license is needed before we enter into normal processes.

Documents Required For Foreign Company Investment
Part one, documents needed to be prepared abroad as follows
Two original notarization of investor’s company business licenses, including company alteration record documents and endorsed by China Embassy or Consulate
Part two, documents needed to be prepared in Guangzhou as follows
1. Minutes or resolution from investors or board of directors
2. One proposed name (in Chinese), and provide two or more alternative names in case the first name is not available.
3. Detailed information about the business scope and intended registered capital;
4. Detailed information of Company Membership; (E.g. legal representative, monitor, director) 
5. The lease of commercial office between leaser and lessee needed to be endorsed by the Housing Management Authority. The lessee should be acted by shareholders, directors, legal representative, monitors or manager. The area is required no less than 30 ㎡ and for commercial use only with more than one year’s rent.

Documents Required For Foreign Individual Investment
1. Two original notarization of investor’s passport and endorsed by China Embassy or Consulate. If the investor has entered the country, provide the entry paper and original passport; if not enter the country, do the notarization of the passport.

Guangzhou Company Registration Procedures
Step 1, Enquiry and Consulting
Step2, Fill out the application form, sign the agreement and arrange advance payment
Step 3, Prepare statutory documents for investors to sign personally.
Step 4, Forward documents to related government department
Step 5, Keep clients informed of the processing.
Step 6: Fulfill the agreement and settle accounts
Step 7, Hand over all the company kit to clients, and sign the receipt.

Follow-up Services For Guangzhou Company
1.Guangzhou company annual filings: A Guangzhou company should file the annual report within the period between January 1 and June 30 every year.
2. Guangzhou company payroll services: After the company registered, Tannet is able to provide with the services of employing staff, buying social securities for employees, labor contract draft, foreign employees work permits application.
3. Guangzhou company special licenses application: For some industries, special permit is needed before the company is allowed to conduct the related business. Tannet helps clients to apply for Import/Export permit, Food circulation license, Medical equipment business license, Non-vessel operating common carrier certificate (NVOCC), ICP, etc.
4. Guangzhou company shares agreement draft: With the development of the company, shares transfer or changes are common needs. Tannet is concentrating on drafting agreements, contracts and plans for clients, such as shares transfer agreement, equity investment agreement, the establishment of ownership structure, stock incentive plan, etc.

Tannet Services
TANNET package services for WFOE setup include:
One, company name check and confirmation.
Two, articles of incorporation drawn-up and preparation/compilation of relevant documents to be presented to government departments.
Three, submission of relevant application forms & documents to government departments and follow-up.
Four, Registration Receipt at Bureau of Foreign trade and Economics
Five, Business License (Please note that nowadays the Business License, the Organization Code Certificate, the Tax Registration Certificate are combined into one certificate).
Six, engraving official stamp, financial stamp (for record of public security authorities) and personal seal of chief Representative.

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Guangzhou TANNET

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