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Foshan investment details advantages

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Foshan Investment Guide 
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Foshan High-tech Zone invested nearly more than 80 million yuan in the construction of city sculptures along the roads within the zone.The project is expected to be completed by the end of the year. Recently, reporters learned from Foshan high-tech zone authorities that sculptures in the intersections between Nanguo Taoyuan Road and Hongling Road have already been completed; those sculptures along the Guangzhou-Sanshui highway are expected to start construction.


It is introduced by Hou Yiqiang, station head of Shishan planning station of the national land planning bureau of Foshan High-tech zone, that in order to promote the environment in the high-tech zone, many more groups of urban sculptures will be built atthe road nodes in the zone; the designing unit will take into account the planning attribute and respective characteristics of each road, and the total investment reaches nearly 80 million yuan. The designing unit in charge is Ober Design, namely, the French Ober Architecture and Urban Planning and Design Company and its representative office in China’sShenzhen along withShenzhen Ober Engineering Design Consulting co., LTD. The designing unit thinks in Foshan,the eighth most competitivecities(including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), the recent road reconstruction goals and the ascension of the road landscape reform must be of great courage, great scale, great action and effect.

Outstanding Investment Climate

Foshan is open to inward investment. Worldwide known multinational corporations and SMEs are established in Foshan. In the 2013 City Competitiveness Blue Book elaborated by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Foshan ranked as the 8th most competitive city of China, even higher than Tianjin and Macau. The report explored the sustainable development mechanism and the new trends in urbanization based on 68 indexes covering aspects like livability, business-friendliness, harmony, ecology, information and culture, and urban and rural balance.


Strategic Location

Foshan is situated at the heart of the Pearl River Delta region, in Guangdong province, one of the largest global economic powerhouses and traditionally a place at the forefront of opening up and reform process. In 2013, Guangdong’s GDP reached USD 1.03 trillion, larger than that of Austria, Norway and the Netherlands. Additionally, Foshan is strategically located next to Guangzhou, and within a 3 hour drive from Shenzhen and Hong Kong. The city is also one of the most cost-effective locations of South China. Foshan covers a total area of 3,797.72 km2.


Modern Infrastructure

Foshan solid infrastructure makes it a great choice for setting up your business. Highways and Railway Systems have been recently upgraded. Due to its proximity to Guangzhou, the two cities share transportation and telecommunication systems. It only takes a 35-minutes’ drive to get to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport from Foshan via Airport Expressway. Private sector has invested in over 500 infrastructure projects, including power generation, rubbish-incineration plants and wastewaters treatment facilities.


Domestic Market Opportunities

As one of the most dynamic urban centres of China, Foshan is an ideal place for doing business. Foshan’s GDP per capita was USD 15,000 in 2012, higher than Shanghai and even some European Union members. The 7.26 million population’s high purchase power creates fantastic opportunities for companies seeking Chinese market penetration. In 2012, disposable income of urban residents of Foshan grew 12.6% to USD 5,663.


Innovative Investment Incentive Policies

Foshan government has designed several investment incentive instruments including tax breaks at the city and district level, preferential financing programs, free office space provision and governmental grants. Contact FIPA team and get more detailed information about the benefits of investing in Foshan.


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