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Guangdong company formation

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Guangdong company formation
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ATAHK Group Limited is an expert in corporate formation, trademark registration and all the follow-up business-related activities. ATAHK was set up in Hong Kong in 2000. With ten years' development, the group has established a sound service network worldwide for the small and medium-sized enterprises, all the services are business-orientated and solution-orientated.Company Or Representative Office Registration in Guangdong Province In China Peral River service ATAHK can supply .


Company Formation & Registration in China.The formation and registration of Sino-Foreign Joint Venture (JV), Wholly Foreign-Owned Company (WFOC), Representative Office (RO) and other forms of entities in China:
• The Registration of a Represetative Office in Guangdong Province China
• The Registration of a Consulting Company in Guangdong Province China
• The Registration of a Trading Company in Guangdong Province China
• The Registration of a Freight Forwarding Company in Guangdong Province China
• The Registration of a Company in Hong Kong in Pearl River Delta 


Necessary material bill of the establishment of Guangdong Representative Office

1.The registration documents of the parent company ( original or notarized document)
1). Certificate of starting the company.
2). Rules and regulations
3). The notarized document should be issued by local notary organ or embassy or lawyers.
(Different materials is needed for different countries)


2. Banker's reference (original)
This reference should include clear evaluation of the company’s reputation from the
bank, amount of deposit, and it should be issued within half year till now.


3. Application (original)
It should be printed in company’s paper and include effective signature and the status of the signer such as chairman and general manager. Japanese and Hong Kong
company need to provide company seal.
It should include the company’s name, redistricted address, date of establishment, business scope, capital, members of board of directors and relevant information about the representative office.


4. The appointment document of chief representative and general representative (original)
The requirement is the same as the application. If the signer appoints himself, another
member of the board of directors needs to sign on the document. These documents should be in duplicate.


5. Documents of chief representative (copy)
1). Resume
2). Personal identification.
(1).ID card for Chinese nationality.
(2).Passport for foreign nationality. (The period of validity of the passport should be more than half year.)
(3).Both ID card and reentry permit for people from Hong Kong and Macao. (Taiwan compatriots credentials and ID for Taiwanese)
3). Two photos.


6. Documents for working address
1). The office should be set in the foreign office building which is approved by government.
2). Original tenancy contract issued by Building and Land management office. (more than
one year)
3). Certificate of title (copy)


7. If the parent company is freight agency, more documents are needed.

1). Freight association certification in the country where the parent company is located.
2). Warranty of first level freight agency in china.
3). Approval certificate and business license of the first level freight agency.


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