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Doing Business in Labuan

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Doing Business in Labuan

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Why Need A Labuan Company?

1. Maximum Tax : RM 20K ( USD 7,000 )
Save tax. You will not be audited too


2. Easier To Get Work Permit and Visa
Help foreigners stay in Malaysia. Easy to get Dependent Visa too
Not for high risk countries + Must have legitimate business


How To Achieve That?
1. You setup a Labuan Company ( 5 business days )

2. You open a Bank Account ( 4 weeks )
You will do business and save tax

3. You apply for a Work Permit & Dependent Visa ( 8 weeks )
You will stay in Malaysia, optional

4.Also, it depends on who your Labuan Company does business with.

Do You Know You Pay Tax Twice?
1. Corporate Tax - Your company pays corporate tax

2. Personal Income Tax - You pay income tax from salary derived from your company


1. 100% Ownership and Control
Foreigners will totally own the Malaysian business

2. Minimum Requirement
1 same director + 1 same shareholder

3. Business Nature : Non Trading
Your Labuan Company will pay zero corporate tax

4. Director Fee
Foreigners will declare income as director fee / dividend and pay zero income tax

5. Labuan Legislation
The law is stable and will remain unchanged for many years

6. Double Taxation Agreements, DTAs
You are protected in avoidance of double taxation

7. Stay in Malaysia + Do Business
Cheaper method for foreigners to stay in Malaysia.

Contact us
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