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Beijing Joint Venture(JV)

Beijing Joint Venture(JV)

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Beijing Joint Venture(JV) Registration Service
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A Joint Venture (JV) is a business arrangement in which the participants create a new business entity or official contractual relationship and share investment and operation expenses, management responsibilities, and profits and losses.

Beijing Joint Venture Registration is also called Beijing Joint Venture setup, Beijing Joint Venture formation, Beijing Joint Venture incorporation and Beijing Joint Venture establishment.


Beijing Joint Venture Registration required to provide documents:
1In the form of foreign companies investment:
2.Outside the company's board of directors meeting record or original resolution;
3.Foreign company certificate copy;
4.Foreign companies outside the original bank reference issued by bank (prove that the investor can good credit standing);
5.Foreign company information complete notarization;(overseas companies in the local notary notarized and authenticated by the Chinese embassy or consulate in such local)
6.Outside the company seal (standby, build of application materials)
7.Determine the Beijing company name;
8.Determine the Beijing company's registered capital, business scope;
9.Feasibility reports;
10.The company's articles of association;
11.The legal representative id original and photocopy and one inch color 2;
12.The supervisors or board members list and id card copy;
13.Offices of formal lease contract 1 original and the copy of house property card (lease contract requirements: rent, must be the rent to a shareholder, legal representative's or in the name of the foreign company more than a year of rent, lease, use for commercial purposes.).
14.In the form of foreign natural person investment:
15.Original notarized documents a foreign investors (the identity of the investor in the local notary notarized, and authenticated by the Chinese embassy or consulate in such local);
16.Investors outside the bank issued by bank reference a type a (prove that the investor can good credit standing);But two points, the other is the same as the above.
17.The Chinese investors to provide information:
18.The Chinese investor's business license copy;
19.Organization code certificate photocopy;
20.The tax registration certificate copy;
21.One year is the audit report;
22.Original credit certification issued by financial institutions;
23.Photocopy of the company's articles of association;
24.The legal representative id photocopy;
25.And foreign joint venture contract.(copy of the above must build official seal of the Chinese investors)

Beijing Joint Venture Registration service content:
1.Name authorization;
2.Project approval;
3.Drafting the company's articles of association;
4.Enterprises with foreign investment approval certificate copy;
5.Business license of enterprise legal person is copy.
6.Official seal, contract seal, financial seal or the special invoice seal, the legal representative of right one;
7.Organization code certificate, copy and legal code certificate;
8.Tax registration certificate, copy, registration form;
9.Statistics are, copy;
10.Foreign exchange IC card;
11.The copy of registration certificate, and the registration form.


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