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Xiamen Company Followup Services

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Xiamen Company Followup Services
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Xiamen Company Followup Services refers to the related business transactions after a Xiamen company has been set up. ATAHK provides tailor-made services to the clients’ needs as follows:

Xiamen Company Followup Services – Services Related to Company Formation
1. Advising, from a corporate secretarial perspective, on the initial set-up and the form an entity could take (such as local company, branch, representative office or limited partnership) in Hong Kong, Singapore, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, China and certain other jurisdictions.
2. Establishing the optimal corporate structure and arranging for incorporation or registration of legal entities.
3. Providing advice on licensing requirements and regulatory approvals, e.g. securities, money lending and employment agency licenses.
4. Setting up bank accounts.
5. Outlining basic labor law requirements.
6. Preparing a first draft of local employment contracts for consideration.
7. Advising on other basic compliance requirements.

Xiamen Company Followup Services – Visa Applications
1. Providing advice on requirements for obtaining employment and dependant visas and preparing relevant documentation for local immigration authorities.
2. Liaising with local immigration authorities during the application process.
3. Assisting with visa extensions.

Xiamen Company Followup Services - Market Research
Smart businessman would do market research before they go into a new market. Any foreign investor who wants to venture Xiamen market can conduct a feasibility study of Xiamen through ATAHK’s service network.


Xiamen Company Followup Services - Annual Return to Company Registry
A corporate renew should be done annually to China Industrial&Commercial Bureau Xiamen Branch. A business runner is strongly advised to renew their business license in time before they get expired, in order not to be suspended or fined.

Xiamen Company Followup Services - Logistics Service
ATAHK has set up a Logistics Service Centre in Fanling Industrial Park Hong Kong. Linking Xiamen& Overseas, local transfer or international transfer of goods, parcels are warmly welcome. You can contact Xiamen hotline or Hongkong office.


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For further queries, you are welcome to visit ATAHK website or email to / or contact any of the following branches, thank you.
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