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Quanzhou Company Registration (RO)

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Registering a Representative Office in Quanzhou

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Quanzhou company registration refers to register a representative office (RO) in Quanzhou. Province of South China. Quanzhou, a prefecture-level city in the southeast coast of Fujian Province, referred to as Quan, Yi, alias Yucheng, thorn city, north to Putian, south to Xiamen, east to Taiwan Island
Representative office of foreign enterprises, also known as permanent representative offices of foreign (regional) enterprises, is an institution established by a foreign enterprise to conduct business liaison in China on behalf of its parent company.

The registration procedure and follow-up management for s RO is simple and fast. If the chief representative is overseas, he/she can apply for a working visa in Quanzhou. Therefore, it is a good solution to set up a representative office for some foreign-funded enterprises that have just entered the Chinese market.

Requirements on RO registration
1. Company name
In China, there are special stipulations on the name of RO by the government. The name format is: Incorporation place of foreign enterprise + Chinese name of foreign enterprise + Quanzhou Representative Office

2. Registered capital
The representative office is a business liaison agency, not a legal entity. Therefore, there will be no requirements on the registered capital.

3. Function of a RO
The Chinese government encourages foreign investors to set up representative offices, so that they can develop partners, conduct research for the market, train talents before they go into business.

However, it is a violation of the regulations that some Chinese people register companies overseas and set up representative offices in China, and then use the representative office to buy duty-free cars.
General handling process for registration

(1) For client:
Determine the chief representative -- determine the office location -- lawyer's notarization and endorsement by designated official institutions in China -- Submission of bank credentials -- Entrust for handling -- Sign relevant documents -- Make payment -- Obtain the certificate

(2) For ATAHK:
Fill in the PoA (sign the agreement) -- Collect the payment -- Deliver the documents -- Review and check -- Submit to the government -- Update process -- Finish the process in 10 - 15 working days -- Inform the client to collect certificate

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