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Quanzhou ATAHK Introduction

Quanzhou ATAHK Enterprise Management Consultants Limited

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Quanzhou Export and Import Qualifications Application Service
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Quanzhou ATAHK Enterprise Management Consultants Limited (Quanzhou ATAHK), which is a member of ATAHK Group was set up in the city centre of Quanzhou in 1999. ATAHK is a global business solution provider, providing the small and medium-sized enterprises with multi-functional business and investment services, ranging from basic to high-end services. With 15 years’ development, ATAHK has extended its business to main cities around China and other major cities all over the world.

Investment Environment of Quanzhou
Quanzhou is the best choice for business-doing in China. Quanzhou developed private economy, the employment rate ranked first in the country, ranking fifth in the world , known as "China brand", "Private Special zone ," said the country has a number of well-known trademarks ranks first in China prefecture-level cities. Quanzhou is the southeast coast of China important trade port city and Quanzhou Port is an important port scaling million tons. In Quanzhou you can enjoy sound infrastructure and nice industrial chain for trading, manufacturing and value investment. Since Quanzhou is bordering Hong Kong, you can take lots of advantages and opportunities from “one country, two systems” policy..


ATAHK is staffed by a professional team of lawyers, accountants and consultants with a wealth of experience both in their respective professions as well as specifically in the offshore industry. With fifteen years accumulation of more than 20,000 successful cases, ATAHK has built up its good reputation and quality in this field. Meanwhile, ATAHK provides best around-clock services, your needs are managed and resolved efficiently and promptly. You are assured of immediate attention and service worldwide. It is believed that at anywhere and anytime there is an ATAHK to help you.


The Main Businesses of Quanzhou ATAHK
Quanzhou ATAHK provides professional and tailor-made business services as follows:
Quanzhou business set-up in form of Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE), Representative Office (RO) , Equity Joint Venture (EJV),. Co-operative Joint Venture (CJV);


Quangzhou business operation in form of market study, business plan, feasibility research report, personnel recruit, bank account opening, procurement, logistics, CI design, investment and financing, mergers and acquisition, website design, website promotion, clients-searching, negotiation, trademark registration;


Quanzhou business management in form of human resource management (HRM), financial management (FM), customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise risk management (ERM), structure set-up management (SSM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP); Quanzhou business follow-up in forms of documents follow-up, annual return to CICB, book-keeping &,monthly tax return to national and local tax departments, auditing and tax layout; work permit and entry visa, etc.


The other services include Hong Kong company registration, personnel training, professional manager’s training, counseling and attestation of ISO9000, ISO14000, ISO13485, ISO14001, ISO17025, ISO18000, ISO22000, OHSAS18000, UL, CE, CCC, VDE, etc.

Contact Us
For further queries, you are welcome to visit ATAHK website or email to / or contact any of the following branches, thank you.
HONGKONG TEL:852-27837818    QUANZHOU  TEL: 86-595-22515909 22515806 22515809


ATAHK——Global Corporate Solution Provider, Value Investment & Strategic Development.

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