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BVI Company Documents approved by a Company Registry

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Memorandum of Association

This documents details the external activity of the registered company and provides a framework of governance for the company’s activity with external parties. The Memorandum of Association is also commonly referred to as the Memorandum and is a vital document approved by all registries worldwide. This is a legal document, necessary for the incorporation of a company.


Articles of Association

This is a legal document issued to every registered company and includes a host of information related to the overall operation of the registered business. The Articles of Association provides a form of regulatory framework by which the company must abide by when operating and managing their business.

Certificate of Incumbency 

This is a certificate that provides necessary confirmation of the authority of the individuals signing the certificate. An authoritative individual can be the company’s officer, secretary or both. The purpose of this certificate is to establish and confirm the individuals are qualified to undertake their position.

Certificate of Incorporation

This is a certificate that confirms a company is recognized as a legal corporation. A certificate of incorporation is required to provide the business with legal protection.

Certificate of Good Standing

This certificate provides authorization for the registered company to engage legally in business activity. The certificate also acknowledges that the business is in existence and is professionally structured.

The set of company documents mentioned above are required to be kept in a safe place within the official registered office and the documents must be accessible to auditors when required.


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