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Cayman Offshore Company

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Cayman Offshore Company Registration Service
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Cayman offshore company formation is easy to realize in the offshore jurisdiction where offshore registered agent work efficiently to incorporate Cayman Island Companies. The Cayman Islands is one of the oldest offshore tax havens in the Caribbean. The Cayman Islands companies are very popular and thousands of them have been registered in Cayman offshore jurisdiction.


Cayman offshore company opening requirements

A Cayman offshore company is also called an exempt company. This business company will be a tax exempt Cayman Island Company as long as no local business operations is carried out. All Cayman island offshore companies will be exempted from the following forms of local taxation as dictated by company legislation in the tax haven; capital gains tax, corporate tax, income tax, withholding tax and other forms of taxation. Incomes generated outside of the offshore jurisdiction of Cayman Islands are not taxed in the offshore tax haven.

Cayman offshore company registration process
The Cayman Island Company is easy to incorporate. The process for offshore or exempted company incorporation in the Cayman Islands is not time consuming. All documents and other paper work are prepared by registered agents in the offshore tax haven.


One shareholder and one director are needed for a Cayman Island company.  The director of Cayman Island companies can be corporation. There are no restrictions as to the nationalities of persons who can be shareholders and directors of Cayman companies. There is no need to appoint local Cayman Island Company officials. The names of the shareholders and directors of Cayman Islands Companies are not made public in the Cayman Islands.


Cayman offshore company advantages

The Cayman Island companies have become very popular as they provide asset protection and privacy. Other than the names of shareholders and directors not appearing on public records there are other stipulations which allows Cayman offshore company to maintain privacy. The annual financial statements and financial audits of Cayman Islands offshore company are not file with the local tax authority.


The Cayman Island offshore company retains the right to keep this at any location which the company shareholders and directors see as a suitable location. All information concerning offshore companies incorporated in the Cayman Islands will remain private. In terms of asset protection, the assets in a Cayman Island offshore company belongs to the company and not any individual therefore creditors and other parties cannot go after these assets in cases brought against directors or shareholders of this Cayman Island Company.

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