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Cayman Company Registration

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Cayman Company Registration Service
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Cayman Island General overview

The Cayman Islands is located in the Caribbean Sea, 268 kilometers northwest of Jamaica and 640 kilometers south of Miami. It comprises the three islands of which, Grand Cayman comes from a Carib word that means “crocodilian” in English. When Spanish first discovered the Cayman Islands, traces of crocodilians can be easily seen on coasts. It has a tropical climate, dry in winter. Its population is about 35,000, of which the extraneous people account for 34%.The Cayman Islands is still a dependent territory of the United Kingdom, so the head of government is appointed by the queen of the United Kingdom. But, local residents may elect 12 Parliament members for legislation and management of financial & economic affairs on the islands.


For a long term, the Cayman Islands Government is very stable. Official language: English.Either Little Cayman or Grand Cayman plays a decisive role in global financial services. In addition, Grand Cayman is far better than islands of the Caribbean Sea and Central America in scale and universality. Over 70% of local residents serve in fields related to finance and business.


The Cayman Islands is booming, thanks to its government’s from time to time amendment of laws to maintain its leadership in finance, insurance and business, etc. Now, there are 588 world famous banks and all of them set branches here to provide financial services. These banks have attracted a total amount of deposit of about USD 415,000,000. What’s more, Cayman is one of the major markets for global EUR transaction. KYD(local currency): 1 KYD = USD 1.2, fixed exchange rate.


Shareholder of Cayman Company
A Cayman Company shall have at least one shareholder, who can be either a natural person or a legal person, regardless of nationality. The Cayman Islands Offshore Company may issue nominal shares or bearer shares.


Director of Cayman Company
A Cayman Company shall have at least one director, who can be either a natural person or a legal person, regardless of nationality.


Registration of Cayman Branch Office
The registered branch office must be located in the Cayman Islands.


Name of Cayman Company
There are no special requirements for name of a Cayman Company, but name shall not include wordings like Bank, Trust, Mutual Fund, Insurance or Reinsurance, unless otherwise specially approved. 

 Tax Requirement for Cayman Company
A Cayman Company needs not to declare or pay any taxes, except annual license fee.

Confidentiality of Cayman Company
An offshore company registered in the Cayman Islands is kept strictly confidential, without disclosure of shareholders’ register.


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