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Macao Corporate Formation

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Macao Corporate Formation
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Macao corporate formation is also called Macao company setup, Macao business setup ,Macao company registration , Macao company incorporation, Macao business establishment and Macao business registration. It is a new choice for investors worldwide to set up business and make profits. Macau, a commercial city with a very open economy, advantageous geographic location and complete infrastructure,  a free port without exchange controls, has attracted more and more investors to invest in it.To ensure the success of registration, detailed information needs to be known by investors worldwide before setting up. 



Why to set up Macao companies
1.Stable financial system
2.Satisfactory trading environment
3.Low taxation rate system and low operating cost
4.It is a potential offshore service center
5.It is a platform for economic and trading cooperation between mainland China and Portuguese-speaking countries.

What type of company to be set up in Macao
1.Macau local company: including Personal commercial enterprise,Corporate commercial enterprise and Economic interest group
2.Macau offshore company: Macau offshore company means a Macau company operating outside of the Macau region. Benefits for this kind of company include exemption from profits tax, business tax, stamp duty, and offshore company management and technical professionals who are approved to reside in Macau can be exempt from salary tax for the first 3 years of employment in an offshore company, etc.


What information needed for Macao corporate formation
1.Chinese and English names of company
2.Copies of ID cards or passports of shareholders and directors
3.Copies of ID cards or passports of relevant staff
4.Registered address of company
5.Registration of Macau local or offshore company (requires about 3 to 4 weeks)



What procedures to be followed for Macao corporate formation
1. Name Incorporation:Intended company name and business operations
2. Investment prospectus:including invested funds, working process, business nature, and profits in future 3 years, etc.
3. Signing Memorandum and Articles of Association/agreement: having contract or private agreement signed as per company type and as provided by law, and certified by notaries.
4. Business registration:attaching Letter of application,Notarial deed for shareholders of company, Copies of personal ID document and shareholders register, Register of Board members and acceptance of appointment statement and Certificate of admissibility of company name
5.Starting business declaration:Starting business declaration form,Copy of shareholder's ID document,Copy of business registration certificate,Copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association/agreement and Business tax payment voucher



What taxes to be paid by Macao registered companies
Taxation of not more than MOP3,000 shall be fully paid in September. Taxation more than MOP3,000 shall be paid in two installments between September and November. In case of taxation paid by installment, a default in payment of the first installment of taxation within September as provided will cause overdue interest and 3% of unpaid taxation levied additionally, and will cause the second installment of taxation to become due immediately.



What funds to be paid by employers in Macao companies
Employers shall contribute MOP30 per month for native employees who shall contribute MOP15 per month. Employers shall contribute MOP45 per month for non-native employees who shall contribute nothing.



What to pay for government by Macao corporations
Offshore organizations approved to operate in Macau need to pay establishment fee of MOP5,000 to relevant governmental authority, and pay semiannual operating fee ranging from MOP5,000 to 15,000 (applicable to offshore business service organizations), or from MOP3,000 to 10,000 (applicable to offshore auxiliary service organizations).



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